domingo, febrero 13, 2011

Demon Lover

Demon Lover (formato FLAC):

Un abrazo.


Edson Alemán-Guitars
Lutz A Keferstein-Vocals
Ángel Castillo-Bass
JC López-Drums

Artist: Dirty Woman
Album Name: Demon Lover
Year: 2009
Genre(s): Stoner-metal, Doom, Heavy Metal
Country: Mexico
1.-Crowned by Nothingness
2.-Don't Shoot
3.-Inner Circle of Pain
4.-To Invade the Sky
5.-Master of Draconians
6.-Yes, I sold my soul
7.-Riding Free
8.-Demon Lover
9.-My Sadness
10.-Delivered to Evil
11.-Spreading the Rage (Bonus track)

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